LVP has a unique challenge concerning effective leadership. As members, our goal is to find employment as soon as possible.  In order for the group to sustain itself, LVP looks to its members to volunteer: 1) on a committee, 2) as a committee Chair or Co-Chair, or 3) for a Focus Group project. Your involvement on an LVP committee helps ensure continuity in the group’s activities and builds your skills during your career transition.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee greets members, ensures that attendees sign in at meetings, prepares Member Application & New Member Orientation packets, guides new members through the application process, reviews & approves New Member Applications, introduces new members to others to foster networking, conducts New Member Orientation, makes follow-up phone calls to members, records & reports meeting attendance, answers any questions about LVP, cleans up after meetings, submits monthly article to the LVP Communicator, assists the LVP Executive Chair with membership concerns and serves as liaison with PA CareerLink Lehigh Valley staff.  HERE is our charter

Membership Status:
  • Active - currently looking for employment, have their resumes posted on the LVP website and/or come to meetings
  • Alumni - were Active members, have found employment and are not looking for employment, do not have their resume on the LVP website, and stay connected through the group through the group email to receive email, send answers to questions and email job leads
  • Inactive - not an active participant in LVP, do not have resume on the website, and are not connected to the group through email

Alumni Committee

Under the Membership Committee, the Alumni Committee connects alumni and working LVP members. Various activities are planned after the work day for current members and alumni to meet and network. The Alumni Committee also produces the monthly LVP Communicator Newsletter.

IT/Web Committee

The IT/Web Committee is responsible for maintaining, editing, and changing the website and yahoo group email list. Individual members of this committee add new members to the database, add resumes to the website, add members to the email group (see below) and make changes to each as well. They send out Weekly Meeting and New Member Orientation reminder emails to members, and send out periodic reminders explaining what to do when you land. When you become employed, as an Alumni of the group, you can stay connected to the group through email or ask to be taken off.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee markets LVP to Lehigh Valley employers. Members call, visit and demonstrate the LVP website to employers, develop marketing materials/presentations, handle mailers to employers and write and send press releases and radio community service announcements. Sales, marketing, or presentation skills/experience is needed.

Program Committee

The Program Committee equips you for employment with fascinating outside experts that train you in job search skills and techniques. These captivating presentations are given during the Friday Morning meetings at CareerLink and are followed by a networking break where you can meet the presenter and other members. Towards the end of each meeting, there is a shorter training presentation given by LVP members from the training committee.  The program committee also sets up “Mock” Interview workshops with outside employers and although the intent is for practice, some of these sessions have resulted in actual hiring.  In summary, this important committee sets up all the activities that make the Friday meetings a valuable success to its members. If you would like to join the committee, drop us an email.

For a full list of actual programs, see the calendar section for details.

Committee Goals are:

  • Stay abreast of the latest developments in the Local, National and Global Job Markets
  • Prepare speakers to address current membership needs
  • Conduct Mock Interviews twice a year
  • Obtain member feedback on speaker effectiveness and job search relevance
  • Maintain a current and accurate Master Schedule
  • Send a weekly agenda to the members via yahoo-group e-mails.

Training Committee

The Training Committee organizes job searching workshops (about 11 modules of topics) that are repeated in a rotating fashion each quarter. These workshops make up the second half of each meeting. Most working topics are presented by members, but outside individuals can present as well.