LVP Virtual Meeting

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Agenda for Friday, 22 January 2021


Individual Focus Group Meetings

·         Job Search Focus Group   Friday, January 22nd  @ 9:00am, contact: Dave Myers

·         Finance/Accounting Focus Group  Friday, January 22nd @ 9:00am, contact Neil Bonyer

·         Leadership Focus Group   Friday, January 22nd @ 10:00am, contact Pat McGlone

·         Entrepreneurial Focus Groups   Friday, January 22nd  @ 11:00am, contact: Dave Myers


·         IT Focus Group   Monday, January 25th @ 9:00am, contacts: Tom Emmerth  or Scott Franzen

Next Meeting:  Friday, January 29, 2021
LVP Directions Meeting

Please note that meeting end times are approximate as we have more and more information we need to provide to our members. If your schedule requires an early exit, please be aware of ongoing speakers and exit quietly so as to not disturb other members’ attention to the presentation.